Our Fans

Edward Salmon

“We reviewed the numbers, and have saved 20% since using Dan The Stickman lath, based on minimal breakage. Without including the saved time and safety benefits of working with great lath.”

Aaron Roberts

“I’ve used lath from different suppliers all over the province. Dan the Stickman has the best lath out there!”


“I have been using Dan The Stickman lath it’s some of the strongest and best lath I’ve come across in 8 years.”

Derek Milbury


“True North Damage Prevention Services recently opened a field office in Whitecourt and were concerned about our lath supply here in the north. I found Dan the Stickman on facebook and decided to give them a try

In short… We find their products and customer service to be fantastic. Our locators have given us positive feedback, on more than one occasion to the quality of each stick. The lack of breakage and smooth finish helps to keep our overhead down and our field crews happy!

Good work Dan the Stickman! you’ve secured a committed customer in us”

Adam Moser

“The best part about Dan The Stickman product’s is the really good lumber, solid,
straight, and smooth. All in all, Dan The Stickman provides awesome stakes with great service.”

Richard Lamontagne

“Hello Dan! The stakes are working out great on our end! The crews are very happy with the improved quality, and are having considerably less breakage. ”

John Foster

“I’ve been planting lath in the ground since 1985. I judge lath by two basic criteria: can it be written on; and will it break when I drive it into the ground. I’ve been buying my lath from Daniel since 2008 and his lath has consistently been the highest quality of any supplier I’ve ever dealt with. Daniel cares about quality control and encourages feedback from his clients.

A few years ago, Dan was delivering a pallet of lath and I mentioned that an average of two lath per bundle in my previous shipment were breaking (unusual for Dan but less than typical for other suppliers). Daniel apologized, gave me a few bundles of lath and explained that he was aware of a grading issue and that the issue had been resolved. It has been. We break very few sticks.”