Premium Survey Lath Pallet ½” X 36” – Painted or Unpainted

  • ½” thick and 36” long.
  • Strong, tall and smooth finish.
  • Best Selling item with many useful purposes where high visibility is important in new construction areas.
  • Available painted or unpainted
  • Paint Options – Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Purple
  • Paint length – Standard 8″, By Request 12″ 18″ 24″
  • Sold by the Pallet: 64 Bundles per Pallet and 48 Sticks per Bundle.
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What really sets us apart from the rest is the amount of thought and research that has gone into our production line and finished product. Our lath is designed to solve five of the most common, and irritating problems in the industry…

  • A thicker cut means stronger lath – no more un-necessary breakage!
  • Better quality wood – also means more strength AND durability!
  • A sharper point – allows you to drive your lath into the ground more quickly and easily!
  • A smoother finish – allows for better, safer handling and even lets your writing markers last longer!
  • A better paint job – because we dip all of our lath into the paint, you get a brighter, deeper and longer lasting finish than our competitors can provide!

But perhaps the most important aspect of what we do is in the delivery – we offer you fast, courteous delivery with every order and do what ever it takes to ensure it arrives on time, every time!


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Lath Paint Options

Unpainted, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Purple


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